Criteria VII


        7.1.1. and 7.1.11_Web Uploading

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7.1.1_Annual gender sensitization action plan_Ok


          7.1.9  Additional Information of programmes

7.1.9_Additional Information of programms




  1. Activity Report National Science Day
  2. Avishkar report
  3. Botany Department
  4. Certificate Course Common Services
  5. Chemistry talent search and periodic table
  6. Computer Course Total Report
  7. Dr.D.D. Jadhav Guest Lecture
  8. Dr.D.R.Tope Guest Lecture
  9. Earth Day
  10. English workshop
  11. Faculty Orietation Workshop
  12. Induction Commerce
  13. Kaprekar’s Day
  14. National Mathematics Day
  15. Orientation Programme
  16. Ozone Day
  17. Titoli village
  18. Workshop on Teaching and Learning
  19. Workshop on syllabus restructure for msc 1
  20. Group Discussion Activity English Dept.
  21. Dr Ambedkar Jayanyti
  22. Dr Ambedkar Punyatithi
  23. Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Jayanti
  24. Dr. S R Ranganathan Jayanti
  25. Indira Gandhi Punyatithi & Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Jayanyti
  26. Karmaveer Ganpat Dada More Punyatithi
  27. Mahatma Gandhi and Karmaveer Hande Jayanti
  28. Raghoji Bhangre Birth Anniversary
  29. Teacher’s Day


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