Department of Political Science

Name of the Department      :     Department of Political Science

 Year of Establishment         :     June-1981 

About Department

The Department of Political Science Established in June 1981 at K.P.G Arts Commerce & Science College Igatpuri, is dedicated to understanding and explaining Indian politics in the context of current world and domestic issues. The department offers a bachelor’s degree course for rural and urban students. Students study the structure of local governments, state governments, central government, basic concepts and ideologies in politics, international relations, etc. We practice various learning activities such as seminars, group discussions, projects, debate-clubs, study tours, etc. to increase the analytical skills among the students. The department prepares the students to practice an effective democratic citizenship role.

The most notable feature of the work of the department is the close and constant association of students and college teachers in various study activities. Activities of the department show awareness towards study of regional political realities in order to develop generalizations on the basis of these realities.


“To inculcate moral values, ethics and character among students, who will be good citizens of India and to motivate the students to understand the concept of politics”


“To create awareness of Democratic values and political rights among students for National Integration”


1)Department of Political Science aims at building an academic community of students and teachers devoted to an open critical and analytical study of the discipline with an emphasis on interdisciplinary approach.

2)  The department aims at making courses relevant to social needs and to develop in the students an awareness of the basic issues and problems in the country.

3)  The Department is abiding to transmit knowledge of politics and basic understanding of Indian government and citizenship.

4) Guest Lecture

Programs Offered:

Sr.No. Name of the Programme Year of introduction of programme Duration of introduction of Programme Intake
1 B.A 2019 Pattern 3 Year 120


B.A (P.S.O) Programme Specific Outcome

PSO-1 Student aware about the Political Process

PSO-2 The concept and Ideas political science will be developed.

PSO-3 Student will understand the traditional and modern political thought.

PSO-4 Student will aware about concept of Political Journalism

PSO-5 Student will able to understand the various Political Ideologies administrative systems.

(B.A) Course Outcome (C.O)

FYBA G-I Introduction to Indian Constitution 

CO-1   Understanding of basic concept of Indian Constitution

CO-2   Understanding of structure and functions of Indian Political Systems.

CO-3   Knowledge of fundamental rights and duty.

CO-4   Understanding the role of cast and religion in Indian Politics

(CC1C(3/4)) SYBA G-II An Introduction to Political Ideology

CO-1   To study of power Politics

CO-2   To study the role of ideology

CO-3   To study the Importance of Ideology

CO-4   To study how to work political Ideology

(DSE-1A(3/4)) SYBA S-I Western Political Thoughts

CO-1   To know basic concept of Western Political Thought

CO-2   To know basic concept of Citizenship

CO-3   To know the basic concept Ideal State

CO-4   To Understand the state Politics

(DSE-2A(3/4)) SYBA S-II Political Journalism

CO-1    To Introduced The concept of Political Journalism

CO-2    To Developed interest in study of Political Journalism

CO-3    Awareness about various agencies of Political Journalism

CO-4    Understand interrelationship between the Communication Media and Power Politics

(SEC1C/CC-1E) TYBA G-III Local Self Government in Maharashtra

CO-1   To study of Local Self-Government

CO-2   To Study of Jhilla Parishad

CO-3   To Study of Panchayat Samiti & Gram Panchayat

CO-4   To Study of Municipal Corporation

(DSE1C) TYBA S-III Public Administration

CO-1   Understand the Concept of Governance

CO-2   Knowledge of Bureaucracy

CO-3   Introduction about various method of recruitment and training

CO-4   Generate Interest in budgetary process in India

(DSE2C)   TYBA S-IV International Relation

CO-1   Introduction of the various approaches to the study of international relation

CO-2   Knowledge of Post Second World War

CO-3   Understanding of basic concept of International Politics

CO-4   Study of Various issue in international Politics

F.Y. B. A.  / F. Y. B. Com. / F. Y. BSc. (Credit Pattern)

Credits Compulsory Course

Democracy, Election and Governance (2 Credits)

CO-1   To introduce the students meaning of democracy and the role of the governance

CO-2   To help them understand the various approaches to the study of democracy and


M.A./ M. Com/ M.Sc. II, Sem -III (Credit Pattern)

Introduction to Constitution (2 Credits)

CO-1   To acquaint students with the important features of the Constitution of India and with

the basic framework of Indian government

CO-2   To familiarize students with the working of the Constitution of India