Best Practices 2021-22


BEST PRACTICE 1 : “New Voter Registration Campaign 2021-22”  

 ( Organized by Department of Political Science )


1) Title of the Practice: -“New Voter Registration Campaign-2021-22” 

2) Objective of the Practice: – 

1) Help to get adult voting right, identity card to students who have completed 18 years.

2) To aware the right to be an ideal citizen and to exercise the right to vote.

3) Creating feelings of loyalty, love and duty towards the nation.

3) The Context: –

In the academic year, 2021-22 under the guidance of principal Dr. P. R. Bhabad K.P.G Arts, Commerce and Science College, Igatpuri has conducted a new voter registration campaign from 28 June 2021 to 25th January 2022. 25th January 2022 was celebrated as National voters’ day as a part of the new voter registration campaign.

This Democracy Week was celebrated with various activities in the college. Also, under the guidance of the Government of Maharashtra.  The notice was displayed on the notice board regarding the new voter registration process. The students of first year B. A / B. Com/ B.Sc. who have completed 18 years of their age were provided with form number 6. Students were guided to fill in the form and were asked to attach the necessary documents. The complete filled form number 6 was submitted to the department of political science. In this new voter online registration campaign total 53 Girls became eligible In this new registration total 12 Girls out of 53 Girls got their New Voter id.

Throughout this campaign, the students will get a voter ID card from the Tahsil by post, all of the registered students will get the right of voting. Department of political science K.P.G Arts, Commerce and Science College Igatpuri had successfully done the work of new registration of voters as a support to the democracy of the nation. This program was successfully carried out under the guidance of Principal Dr. P. R. Bhabad, and with the cooperation of teaching, and non-teaching staff.


4) The Practice:

Every year, voter registration campaign is implemented in our college on  the occasion of Voters’ Day on 25th January.

5) Evidences of Success : – 

1) Newly registered voters get an identity card from the Election Commission.

2) As students are registered as voters, their names appear in the village/town voter list.

3) Citizens of a democratic country will be ideal, aware and loyal.

6) Problems Encountered and Resource Required:

1) Assisted in fulfilling the documents on the occasion of new voter registration.

2) Collected information with the help of form registration.

 7) Notes – 

1) Report – –

2) Student List       



1 Bhor Surekha Mohan Female OCN755532461 ZVV4130563
2 Malunjkar Gayatri Shriram Female OKU777301034 ZVV4127460
3 Dhande Khushi Sudam Female OTG042309167 ZVV4127494
4 Kokane Kavita Kailas Female OUY036336607 In-Process
5 Jadhav Prerana Ravindra Female OMD919267715
6 Agivale Ravina Pandurang Female OAX872265121 ZVV4088290
7 Rao Pooja Sanjay Female OEY785780342
8 Pagare Arti Ramesh Female OVF227775627
9 Chandramore Sandhya Nandiram Female OXJ861532328
10 Ubale Tejaswini Sunil Female OLH467840894
11 Bhatate Sandhya Bajirao Female OBL324125001
12 Gilande Priyanka Baban Female OAT139445016 ZVV4088332
13 Rao Mayuri Ashok Female OWH99390965
14 Valkande Lalita Changdev Female OTU435453297
15 Valkande Gaytri Parshuram Female OXQ367299618
16 Shinde Punam Rajaram Female OCVJ369644517
17 Pawar Pratiksha Anil Female OHW643760223
18 Ubale Kanchan Shivnath Female OPM204157825
19 Bhatate Dishita Suresh Female OVG424713057
20 Pawar Akshada Santosh Female OSG242745846
21 Thakare Anushka Raju Female ONX168646785
22 Ghare Satyabhama Dattatray Female OXK584702008 ZVV4076337
23 Pande Ankita Ramnath Female OTW115564227 ZVV4076352
24 Patil Apurva Popat Female ODF261014932 ZVV4076345
25 Sangale Saili Uttam Female OWS520244365
26 Sabale Nanda Rajaram Female OTK781934607
27 Khatale Sanjivani Shivaji Female OEV090846842
28 Thakare Tanishka Raju Female OQI972772846
29 Chaudhari Gaytri Bhagwan Female OLM126330087
30 Kokane Punam Rajaram Female OWO029611528 ZVV4055398
31 Bhabad Parvani Pandurang Female ONV809566485 TGY9375890
46 Sakbhor Divya Kale Female OLF362168944
47 Netawate Prashika Rajendra Female OHX173684673
48 Surude Arti Mdhukar Female
49 Chaudhari Nikita Kacharu Female OHK684057023
50 Waghchaure Harshada Rajesh Female
51 Khalifa Sana Rafik Female
53 Pichad Sapna Pandhrinath Female OSC173845516