Best Practices 2019-20



BEST PRACTICE  1 :  “New Voter Registration Campaign 2019-20”

( Organized by Department of Political Science )



1) Title of the Practice: – “New Voter Registration Campaign-2019-20”

2) Objective of the Practice: – 

1) Help to get adult voting right, identity card to students who have completed 18 years.

2) To aware the right to be an ideal citizen and to exercise the right to vote.

3) Creating feelings of loyalty, love and duty towards the nation.

3) The Context:

MVP’s KPG Arts Commerce and Science  college celebrates National Voter’s Day on  25th January every year.  In the Academic year of 2019-20, we celebrated National Voter’s Day on 25th January 2020 in the presence of Sanstha director Engineer Bhausaheb Khatle, Director Shri. Sachin Pingale, Shivcharitrakar Prof. Yashwant Gosavi, Principal Dr. P.R. Bhabad, Igatpuri Tehsildar Mrs. Archana Pagere, Deputy Tehsildar Shri. Karande.   On this ocassion, the students were stated the importance of the day and  recited the oath by students in the presence of Mr. Karande (Election Branch).

It is the duty of every Indian citizen to have the responsibility of “I will vote” as a voter in the country’s general elections. The task of awakening this sentiment is created through such an event on the occasion of National Voters’ Day. It also creates the rights of Indian adult citizens as new voters. Various activities are being carried out all over India on the occasion of National Voters’ Day on 25th January. In our college too, under the guidance of the Government of Maharashtra, on the occasion of National Voters’ Day, the program “Lokshahi Pandharwada” was celebrated with various activities. Essay competitions were held in the college at this time.

In collaboration with Igatpuri Tehsildar Mrs. Archana Pagere, Department of Political Science and KPG College, as a best practice in the college from 25th January 2020 to 20th February 2020 form no. 6 were filled in of those students who have completed 18 years of age by the department. Forms and lists of eligible students were submitted to the Tehsil office. A total of 96 students, including 66 boys and 30 girls, became eligible for the new voter registration drive.

4) The Practice:  Every year, voter registration campaign is implemented in our college on

the occasion of Voters’ Day on 25th January.



5) Evidences of Success): –

1) Newly registered voters get an identity card from the Election Commission.

2) As students are registered as voters, their names appear in the village/town voter list.

3) Citizens of a democratic country will be ideal, aware and loyal.

6) Problems Encountered and Resource Required: –

1) Assisted in fulfilling the documents on the occasion of new voter registration.

2) Collected information with the help of form registration.

 7) Notes –

1) Report – –

2) Students lists