Library Rules


A) Identity Card :

1)  Identity card is compulsary for students in the college campus.

2) Identity card is must for entering in the library as well as for issuing books.

3)  Identity card is valid for one academic year only.

4) If identity card is lost Rs 100 / – will be charged for issuing new one.

B) Book Circulation:

1)  Book will be issued to members / students only on their member account.

2) Two books to the post graduate and under graduate students ( per week ) will be issued .

3) Before leaving the issuing counter member should check whether the book is in sound condition, if not immediately bring the matter to the library staff.

4) The books should be returned to the library on or before the due date. If not returned before the due date fine has to be paid as per rules.

4) For reading room purpose book will be issued on I – Card and this book should be returned on the same day.

5) In case of loss of library books, the same book is to be replaced in the library or fine is to be paid.

6) Journal publications, dictionaries, bound volumes are not to be issued outside the library except with the permission of the library authority.

C) General Rules :

1)  Complete silence is to be maintained in the library.

2) Mobiles are not allowed in the library.

3) Eatables are not allowed in the library.

4) Keep your belongings outside the library.

5) Do not carry any personal books while issuing books in the library.

6) Do not damage any belonging of the library.

7) Any difficulty about the library immediately contact the librarian.

8) Smooth functioning of the library solely depends on students co-operation.

D) Common Internet Facility Rules :

1)  This common computing / internet facility is only for academic purpose.

2)  Use of social media non academic websites are not allowed in this common computing room.

3) Only students studying in this college are allowed to use this facility.

4) Only one student can use the facility at a time.

5) Students should show their identity cards before using this facility.

6) Users should enter their names and other details in the logbook.

7) Use of external floppies / pen drive is prohibited.

8) Do not damage any parts of the computer.

9) Maintain silence in the common computing  room