Code of Conduct

The code of conduct for Faculty, Support Staff and Students on the Campus

It is a prime privilege to say that the Shrmati Vimlaben Khimji  Tejookaya, Arts, Science and Commerce College, Deolali Camp  is run by the parent institute, Maratha Vidya Prasarak Samja, Nashik, with the aim of catering to the educational needs to the marginalized sectors of the society. Following the foot prints of its founder members, the College has set a Code of Conducts for the faculty; support Staff and students for the prevention of misconduct on the campus. The sole purpose of it is to maintain the harmonious atmosphere on the campus. The college has constituted various committees to look after all the issues related to National, Sociological, and Educational involvement of the students, faculty, and support staff

The Rules and Regulations as per Government of Maharashtra and University are displayed on the campus. The same are circulated among students by printing in college prospectus of every year. The College strictly observes this code of conduct.

Maintenance of Code of Conduct

A] For the Principal: The principal of the college, being Academic and Administrative Head of the Institution, has multifaceted role to play in order to ensure the existence of an academic environment along with the disciplined life on campus. He is expected to give best of his efforts in order to fulfil his role as a patron, custodian, supervisor, administrator, adjudicator, protector, and inspirer and so on. The Principal is liable to follow certain codes of ethics in his conduct as proclaimed by University Grants Commission (UGC) in tandem with the guidelines framed by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) and Government of Maharashtra.

The code of conduct are perceived and enforced by the Principal Of S.V.K.T. Arts, Science and Commerce College Deolali Camp, In order to :

  1. Encourage all stakeholders of the college for academic activities and make available possible avenues for exploration of innovative ideas  to achieve  further academic pursuit.
  2. Promote co curricular and extra-curricular activities amongst the students and other human resources of the college in order to make students responsible citizen of the Nation .
  3. Inculcate Research aptitude amongst faculty and student that is useful for their personal professional life.
  4. Build mutual confidence amongst all stakeholders by disseminating core human values and spirit f welfare from each section of the society.
  5. Endorse frame work of the Indian Constitution for observing the essence of social justice for all the stakeholders irrespective of their caste, creed, race, sex, or religious identity of each of the stake holder.
  6. Conduct various activities related to Gender sensitization to create awareness amongst the faculty as well as students.
  7. Create and uphold alertness among all the stakeholder of the College to prevent incidents of sexual harassment as per ‘The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace: Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal Act, 2013’.
  8. Bring notice to the students and promote various schemes and programmes introduced by Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD),University Grants Commission (UGC) ,Government of Maharashtra and University of Pune.

B] For the Faculty:

A teacher is considered as one of the pillars of the society and is constantly under the scrutiny of students and the society at large, therefore, he/she should follow all the protocols and code of ethics to be observed on the campus, He/She should see to it  that there is no incongruity between his/her precepts and practice. The national ideals of education must be his/her own ideals.It is the prime duty of every teacher to follow the code of conduct while on and off the campus.

  1. Educating student is the prime aim of the teaching profession; therefore, the teacher must be committed to the academic needs of the student.
  2. The teacher must show his/her dedication towards helping student beyond the class hours without charging any remuneration.
  3. As per the decision made by M.V.P. Samaj, Nasik, the parent institute, use of prescribed uniform  has been made compulsory and should always wear the identity card during the office hours
  4. The teacher must keep updating his/her knowledge by exploring novel concepts in pedagogy as well as carrying out research.
  5. In order to improve quality of research as well as considering plagiarism as a crime, there should be no compromise with the originality of research.
  6. Following the professional ethics the teacher is expected to develop new teaching strategies and curriculum as well as planning for an upgraded academic system.
  7. The teacher should emphasize on the collaborative work as well as interdisciplinary studies.
  8. His aim should be to inspire students to generate more interest and develop a sense of inquiry in the pursuit of knowledge.
  9. Along with educational qualifications, the teacher should also equip students with National and Social responsibilities to make them  responsible citizens.
  10. Being the role model of students, the teacher should maintain decency in the use of cloths, language and overall behavior.
  11. She/he should not discriminate student on the basis of caste, creed, religion, gender or socio-economic status.
  12. In order to generate holistic atmosphere on the campus and pleasant relationship with student, the teacher should carry out the educational responsibilities shouldered by the college authorities.
  13. It is the moral duty of every teacher to respect the confidentiality of all information regarding exam affairs as well as personal matters dealing with colleagues and students.
  14. Obeying the ethos of his/her profession, the teacher should keep in mind that society has entrusted him/her with their children.

C] For the Support Staff:

Being the part and parcel of the college, the support staff  must carry out all responsibilities shouldered to them  by the college authorities. They are expected to follow the code of conduct set by the college.

  1. They should adhere to the Government and institutional policies framed time to time to the best of their abilities.
  2. As per the decision made by M.V.P. Samaj, Nasik, the parent institute, use of prescribed uniform  has been made compulsory and should always wear the identity card during the office hours.
  3. They should not hamper the functioning of the college by engaging themselves in political or ant secular activities.
  1. The support staff should maintain the confidentiality regarding information to examination matters and other matters relating to other staff, through official records.
  2. The support staff should show no discrimination on basis of gender, caste or religion.
  1. 100% cooperation is expected from the support staff to the faculty as well as students.
  2. With the changing scenario of the educational system the support staff should keep themselves upgraded with modern technology.
  3. As per rules and regulation of the Government use of addictive substances is strictly prohibited.
  4. They should perform their duties with honesty and integrity. There should be no falsification of official documents entrusted to them.

D] For Students:

  1. Students should abide themselves with the rules & regulations framed by the college authorities and should act in a way that highlights the discipline and esteem of the college. Any misbehavior bringing disreputation to the college will not be tolerated.
  2. A student should carry his/her Identity card duly filled and signed by the college authorities to the college every day. The college identity card should be produced by the students immediately on the demand by the college authorities, teaching and non-teaching staff of the college. A student should complete the Identity card formalities within 10 days from the date of his/her admission. Any delay in this regard will be subject to late fee.
  3. As per the decision made by M.V.P. Samaj, Nasik use of uniform  has been made compulsory. The students of F.Y/S.Y./T.Y.B.Sc offering Chemistry and Microbiology as the subject will to use white aprons at the time of practical.
  4. Students should attend all their theory & practical classes. Students should not remain absent without prior permission of the college authorities. Minimum 75% of attendance is mandatory to fill in the examination form, and in case of default, the college has every right to with held the examination form of the concerned student.
  5. Students will have to attend all the tests & terminal examination conducted by the college.
  6. Students are expected to make use of curricular, co curricular and extracurricular facilities available to the optimum levels .
  7. Keep the campus neat and clean. It is strongly advised to refrain from activities like scribbling on walls or any other furniture which could deface the college and destroy the academic ambience.
  8. All kinds of tattooing, Body piercing, hair styling that goes against the existing social norms and could go against the academic values are punishable.
  9. Students are not allowed to set up any kind of organizations and associations in the college.
  10. . A student should not bring along with him / her any outsider other than parents in the college premises. Any outsider (who is not a student of this college), will be treated as a Tress Passer
  11. As per University Circular No. 106/1998-99 smoking, consumption of  Alcoholic drinks / Guthaka / Pan Masala/ smoking is strictly prohibited in the College premises.
  12. As per the circular of of Maharashtra use of mobile phones in the college premises are strictly prohibited. Any students found using mobile phones will be punished accordingly.
  13. Students should not bring instruments like Radio, Camera, Tape recorder, ipod etc. in the college premises.
  14. Students should park their two wheeler vehicles only in the parking area decided by the college authorities. Three or four wheeler vehicles are strictly prohibited for the students except differently able students.
  15. It is mandatory for all students to remain present on the celebrations of Birth and Death Anniversary of all National Heroes as well as National Days.
  16. Harassing juniors, ill treatment to other fellow student or any form of ragging is objectionable is liable to be treated as criminal offence and serious action will be taken as per ‘Maharashtra Ragging Pratibandhak Adhiniyan 1999’N circular no. 170 OF 2009.
  17. Misbehavior towards girl student or fellow students will be considered as a serious case of misconduct.
  1. Students in whose place a dummy student offers examination, he / she will be liable to go through legal action. His admission will stand cancelled automatically. Also he / she will not be given admission next year in the college.
  2. If a student does not behave according to the above mentioned rules, as per the University statute 1974 us 86 (4) and c (8) circular No. 153/88, the principal of the college may inflict any of the following punishments.
  3. Cancellation of Admission.
  4. Withdrawal of University / Board Exam. Forms.
  5. Debarring form the Examination for a specific period not exceeding five years.
  6. Cancellation of Exam. Result.
  7. Rustication for specific period.
  8. Imposition of fine not exceeding Rs. 300/-
  9. Non Refund of Deposits.
  10. If a student wants to lodge any complaint or make any written representation, it should be made through proper channel by using Right to Information Act (RTI).