Department Services

Services provided by the exam department to the Students 

1)  Time tables:

            Course examination timetable are published online at least five weeks ahead of their examination. These timetables are also published on the college website. Students are encouraged to check their timetable online to obtain the dates of their examinations.

2)  College Exams

The College is conducting the following exams under continuous internal evaluation system

1)         FY BA/B.COM/B.SC/B.SC.(Comp.Sci.)

2)         Practical Exams

3)         Project Work

4)         Seminars, Presentations and Group Discussion

3)   Online Exam Form:

College provided IT lab for filling the exam form without any charge to the students.

4)  Photo Copy:

            The examination committee team is responsible for provide the photocopy of the F.Y. B.A., B.Com, B.Sc., B.SC.(Comp.Sci.)  students.

5)  Conduct the CAP For F.Y. B.A., B.Com, & B.Sc.

            The Director of CAP shall make adequate arrangements to receive answer books coming from the examination centers from time to time to the CAP centre. On receipt of the answer books at the CAP venue, the staff employed for this work shall check the answer books, Junior Supervisor’s Reports and ascertain as to whether the number of candidates present, absent & unfair means cases indicated in the report are correct. In case of any discrepancy it shall be resolved in consultation with the Deputy Registrar (Examinations), who shall be the Co-ordinator for CAP. The bundle of answer books so prepared shall be coded using UID stickers on the area demarcated on answer books. It shall also be ascertained that there is no any marks of identification on the bundle of papers or on the individual answer book. The Junior Supervisor’s Report shall be taken away and kept in a separate file. Papers or bundles tied or presented in a doubtful manner be separated. The answer books shall be arranged subject wise/paper wise/Section wise as this will be convenient at the time of distribution of answer books to the examiners for assessment.

6)  Photo Copy:

Procedure for Submission of Application for Supply of Photo/ScanCopy (ies) of Assessed Answer Book(s):

  1. The Application form filled in and signed by the examinee only.
  2. The application shall be submitted by the examinee, along with the requisite fees, within ten days from start date of application.
  3. The candidate shall submit their application forms along with the requisite fees online only.

7)  Fee :

  1. Photo/Scan Copy fee for Non-Professional course Rs.100/- per answer book & processing is Rs.20/-.
  2. Revaluation fee for Non-Professional course – Rs.150/- per answer book & processing is Rs.20/.

8)  University Exams

College conducts the S.Y. /T.Y. BA, B.Com, B.Sc. and B.SC.(Comp.Sci.)

at UG and M.A/M.Com, M. Sc at PG    level exams.

9)    Examination – Services for Physically Challenged Students

Students will have to submit medical certificate of endorsing civil surgeon to the   college. Student will be given additional half Hour time for theory     examination. College   provides separate seating  arrangement and separate block for        such students.

10) E- Services

  • Online Examination Form.
  • Various Online Applications like Convocations, Migration, Change of Name, etc.
  • Online quarries of the students with Savitribai Phule Pune University.

Online Examination Form of Students Transfer to our College