Mathematics SWOC Analysis


  • The department has well qualified committed and hardworking faculty, share a strong sense of bond with their students
  • The faculty are always available for the students beyond the traditional class room environment
  • The faculty taken extra lectures for weaker students
  • Actively participation of each faculty in various college committees
  • Mathematical days and Birth anniversary of Mathematician are celebrated



  • Certificate courses of Mathematics are not available in the department
  • Not active participation of the students in the various activities
  • No well-equipped Departmental computer laboratory



  • To start Various Certificate courses in
    1. Mathematics for competitive Exam
    2. Basic of Mathematics
    3. Mathematical Software (useful in teaching, learning and research)
  • To start T.Y.B.Sc. in Mathematics



  • To increase students strength in the department of Mathematics
  • To remove phobia about subject and to create interest among the student to learn fundamental concepts of Mathematics with joy


Future Plans

  • To start T.Y.B.Sc. in Mathematics
  • To start Certificate Courses
  • To Organize Seminar / Workshop
  • To start some activity that is beneficial for society i.e. awareness about Mathematical Software at school/Junior college level etc.
  • To arrange guest lectures of experts in various fields