Physics Photo Gallery




ICT based lecture




State level workshop ( ICT based seminar )




TY BSc students participated in college level Avishkar competition 2022-23




TYBSc Physics Students Agivale Krushna Ganga and Thakare Dnyaneshwar Machindra participated in Zonal Level Avishkar Competition 2022-23





Physics Talent Search Competition conducted by the department on the occation of National Science Day March 2023



Poster presentation by the department TYBSc students Agivale Krushna & Sayyed Naaz in Poster Presentation Competition conducted on the occation of National Science Day 2023





Guest Lecture on Computation Physics and Classical Mechanics taken by Prof.Tejas.R.Bhoye,Gokhale Education Sociecty, BYK Arts Commerce and Science College, Nashik Road, Nashik.





Guest Lecture on Microcontroller Architecture and Programming taken by Prof.Jayesh.S.Jadhav, MVP Samaj’s, Arts Commerce and Science Saikheda College,Tal-Niphad,Dist- Nashik





Energy Audit of the College




Tree Plantation by the Department students and faculty