Marathi Best Practices

  • Film week

Objectives of the Practice

  1. a) Title of the Practice:
  2. To introduce students with language Skills and various aspects

    of novels and drama.

  1. To develop aesthetic sense and to enable students to appreciate

     the films and related aspects.


  1. b) Some novels and dramas have been converted into films so, for the better understanding of these literary phenomena and also for a comparative study of the same.
  2. c) The Context

Once a week a film (Novel/play) is shown to the students

  1. d) The Practice: Once a week a film on (Novel/play) is shown to the students
  2. e) The evidence of success

In addition to novel reading, its adaptation in films provide students a better option to understand the given text or novel.

  1. f) Problems encountered and resources required:-

All resources like: internet connectivity, Computer, Projector are available at the department so there is no problem in showing films or videos

  1. g) Notes

Students enjoy audio-visual content of novels/plays more than the lectures and participate in discussion session.